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Connection between the couple is essential. All movements are transmitted thanks to that body to body connection, and that is what makes a dance purely sensual. This contact is what allows for all movements and creates harmony between the couple.

Body Wave

Body waves connect movements to each other in addition to bringing fluidity and beauty to the dance. Body goes through 4 key positions starting from the chest and ending at the hip in a cyclic and infinite way.

Leading & following
Cyclic & Infinite movements

The best couple dances are based on the figures of a leader, who is responsible for initiating the movements and a follower who must understand the marks or indications and embellish the movements. ​

​The pendulum theory allows creating connected movements that form endless combinations. All these combinations create a visual harmony marked by circular and segmented lines in the parts of the body that alternate in movement. ​

Information above taken from official Bachata Sensual website (

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