Do I need a partner to attend the Lead and Follow Training Program or the Pattern of the Week class?

  • No! No classes offered require students to bring a partner, though a mask is required!

Are masks required for class?

  • If you are rotating then masks are required! If you bring an exclusive partner then you have the option to not rotate at a socially distanced location of the room. We have an entire ballroom rented out for class so there is plenty of space!

I am totally new to dancing, are any of these classes for me?

  • While our classes will break down the techniques of movements and details of Bachata Sensual, a an understanding of Bachata timing, basic step and basic turns is highly recommended. The Bachata Sensual training program will emphasize the sensual movements that are unique to Bachata Sensual, so those with no foundation in the roots of Bachata may find the program challenging - but some like a challenge!

I have a lot of experience in other dances, is there something for me to learn here?

  • We find that experienced dancers in other disciplines make great and effective students. If you understand the concepts of lead and follow, but do not have experience with the movements and connection points of Bachata Sensual, we think you will quickly fall in love with this dance! 


I have experience in Bachata, but not Bachata Sensual, is there really a difference? Will any of these classes be worth my time?

  • During our travels to train with world-renown professionals we have found that Bachata Sensual truly is a technical art form, more focused on creating and utilizing specific connection points to create clear and intentional motions. Any experienced dancer will know that “doing a move” and “enjoying a move” are two entirely different experiences, and those things are differentiated by technique and connection. Your experience with Bachata means you will be great at creating interesting musicality, transitions, and energy in your dancing once you learn how to apply the Bachata Sensual style! Drop in to one of our classes to see how comfortable you are with the movements and styling of Bachata Sensual, and if you are serious about doing things right, check out our program!