Anastasia & Jovanny

Hello, we are Anastasia and Jovanny, dancers residing in Orlando, FL.


We found our passion for passion for dance through Bachata Sensual. In 2017, we for the first time traveled to Cadiz, Spain (the birth city of Bachata Sensual) to train with the founders of this dance Korke y Judith and other official ambassadors of the brand, like Luis y Andrea, Chaves y Sylvia, etc... We fell in love with this beautiful dance and the intricate technique behind its movements. After this trip we made it a priority to continue our travels and training to improve in this dance style.


We have founded our school in Orlando to share Bachata Sensual with our community and aim to build a stronger Bachata social scene in our hometown.


Our goals are to bring professional instructors to Orlando to help us all develop in Bachata Sensual, and share with others the techniques that we have learned through our travels. Bachata Sensual is a fun and connected dance that has let us feel deep connection and joy, and we hope everyone can share that with us.