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Get ahead by scheduling a private lesson! By far the best way to master lead/follow technique, styling, and overall image in your Bachata Sensual - now available online!
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in-person private lessonS

1-hour in-person private lesson with Anastasia & Jovanny
$150/ Hour
$100/ Hour


Jesus R.

Aug 2021


Learned a great deal taking a private class from them. Not only do they know a lot, but they know how to teach it. Highly recommend learning from them!

Salil B.

March 2021

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"Anastasia and Jovanny are lovely people, amazing artists and dedicated instructors. Taking a private lesson with them was one of the best things I have done to improve as a dancer. "

Stephen C.

Oct. 2021

Pink star.png

They know solid fundamentals of Sensual Bachata, and they know how to relay those fundamentals towards their students. I've taken workshops and private lessons with them, and they were all worth every penny. On top of their professionalism, they are very friendly and fun people to be around.


Virtual Private Lesson

1-hour virtual private lesson with Anastasia & Jovanny

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