Classes and Events

Bachata Sensual 6-Week Program

September 7 - October 14, 2020

Rhythm & Smooth Venue

The essence of Bachata Sensual is for the leads to be able to dance with any follow, and the follows to be able to dance with any lead. -Korke, Founder of Bachata Sensual

Bachata Sensual Training Program

Monday 7-9 PM 
7 PM: Essential Movements
8 PM: Sensual Applications

This 6 week program will cover all of the Essential Movements of Bachata Sensual. The focus will be on body movement, connection, and energy. The first hour will be "how to do" - a detailed breakdown of essential body movements. The second hour will be "what to do" - application of that body movement in a partnerwork pattern.


No Partner Necessary. See reviews by our previous students!

  • Instructors will be in the rotation every class

  • 2-hours of class a day so we have time to focus on technique and application

  • Private class Facebook group to interact with students and share the passion of dance

  • Interactive optional homework to immerse yourself in Bachata Sensual with the guidance of your instructors

***Bachata experience does not directly translate to Bachata Sensual experience. Even if you have experience dancing Bachata we recommend doing the 6-Week program to learn the fundamentals of Bachata Sensual from Spain as we learned directly from Korke y Judith and their ambassadors. 

Bachata Sensual Intermediate Applications

Wednesday 7:00-8:30 PM PATTERN OF THE WEEK 

Learn intermediate level Bachata Sensual patterns to expand your vocabulary through our 6-Week Bachata Sensual Applications course! While we will discuss the movements of each pattern, we will not go into a detailed breakdown like in the training program. Class will be with us and occasional guest instructors! Recommended for graduates of the 6-Week Bachata Sensual Training Program, or those with sufficient Sensual Bachata experience. This class is included in the Monday/Wednesday bundle!

Monday/Wednesday Bundle

Save big when you buy both! Monday and Wednesday classes to build your fundamentals and vocabulary!

AyJ Team

Wednesday 8:30-9:30 PM

The Bachata Sensual Training Team will work on a choreography to one song, for 6 weeks, in order to create a video. This team is only open to graduates of the Bachata Sensual 6-week training program and intermediate courses.

***Audition is necessary. Contact us for details.

Bachata Sensual Workshop with Linda Saenz + Social

September 17, 2020

Rhythm & Smooth Venue

8-9:30PM - Workshop

9:30-12AM - Social

Linda Saenz is an international Bachata Sensual instructor and is one of the best in the world dancing and teaching this style. She is Level III Certified by Korke y Judith, which is the highest level of certification, also she is the top level Bachata Sensual instructor in United States.

Don't miss a chance to train with her!

Bachata Sensual Bootcamp with

Luis y Andrea



Do not miss a chance to train with the best, and one of the main inspirations for our dancing - world famous Luis y Andrea!

When we established our brand, we agreed that our main goal as emerging leaders in the dance community is to bring INTERNATIONAL Bachata Sensual artists to Central Florida! We love teaching local classes and sharing our love and passion for Spanish style Bachata Sensual with our students, but we want you all to learn from the best - the top Bachata instructors in the world and our mentors.

What is in the weekender package? How about 7 hours of classes and two socials?! All training at the home of dance in Orlando - Salsa Heat Dance Studio on East Colonial.

  • 4-hours of Intensive Training with Luis y Andrea

  • 2-hours of Intensive Training with Luis y Andrea

  • 1-hour Workshop with Luis y Andrea Friday night followed by social dancing to 2 am!

  • Saturday Night Bachata Madness social at Salsa Heat with midnight performance by Luis y Andrea

Get excited Orlando!

In the meantime, check out their beautiful dance demo!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to individually focus on your personal needs as a dancer. Whether you are a beginning or advanced student, combining weekly classes with private lessons is the most effective way to accelerate your learning.


See reviews by our previous students!


For private lessons, please contact us directly at or on our Facebook page