Bachata Sensual 6-Week Program

Next Program Coming Soon!

Next Program Coming Soon

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The essence of Bachata Sensual is for the leads to be able to dance with any follow, and the follows to be able to dance with any lead. -Korke, Founder of Bachata Sensual

Bachata Sensual Training Program

7 PM: Essential Movements
8 PM: Sensual Applications

This 6 week program will cover all of the Essential Movements of Bachata Sensual. The focus will be on body movement, connection, and energy. The first hour will be "how to do" - a detailed breakdown of essential body movements. The second hour will be "what to do" - application of that body movement in a partnerwork pattern.


No Partner Necessary. See reviews by our previous students!

  • Instructors will be in the rotation every class

  • 2-hours of class a day so we have time to focus on technique and application

  • Private class Facebook group to interact with students and share the passion of dance

  • Interactive optional homework to immerse yourself in Bachata Sensual with the guidance of your instructors

***Bachata experience does not directly translate to Bachata Sensual experience. Even if you have experience dancing Bachata we recommend doing the 6-Week program to learn the fundamentals of Bachata Sensual from Spain as we learned directly from Korke y Judith and their ambassadors. 

Bachata Sensual Intermediate Applications


Learn intermediate level Bachata Sensual patterns to expand your vocabulary through our 6-Week Bachata Sensual Applications course! While we will discuss the movements of each pattern, we will not go into a detailed breakdown like in the training program. Class will be with us and occasional guest instructors! Recommended for graduates of the 6-Week Bachata Sensual Training Program, or those with sufficient Sensual Bachata experience. This class is included in the Monday/Wednesday bundle!