6-Week Bachata Sensual Foundations Program

Our #1 Product

Join us for the program that started it all- the Bachata Sensual 6-week program.

We have taken the key lessons we have learned from our time training around the world, and especially in Cadiz (the home of Bachata Sensual),. and condensed it into 6-weeks that is guaranteed to expand your Bachata Sensual dancing.

Each week we dive deep into one essential movement and one essential concept, we break it down into its most detailed parts, and show you how to execute it in partnerwork.

The foundations are the key to everything, and if you are able to execute these 6 movements and concepts, you will accelerate your learning in Bachata Sensual.

This is not just patterns - this is training.


Monday 7:30 - 9 PM 
Rhythm and Smooth Event Venue3950 S US Hwy 17 92 #2000, Casselberry, FL 32707
June 14 - July 19
$120 for 6 weeks

6 Week Commitment - Must buy full series by June 14.


This is not a fundamentals of Bachata class, it is fundamentals of Bachata Sensual. Not recommended for those unfamiliar with Bachata basic timing, turns, and music. Absolute beginner product coming soon.

Recommended for anyone who wants to more clearly understand all of the essential movements of Bachata Sensual, how to transition smoothly between them, and how to apply them in partnerwork. We believe all but the most advanced dancers will benefit from this program - we still learn more every time we teach it.