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Why did we start teaching?

It really started with one of the biggest disappointments we have had in our dance career - getting a response from Sensual Week 2018 in Spain, and being placed in.....the "fundamentals track" 🤯😟


We had been taking classes in Sensual Bachata, were part of a team, traveled to festivals and took classes? How could we be in fundamentals.... fundamentals means beginner!🤮

Despite the initial frustration and disappointment, we accepted this placement and went to our "beginner" class ready to learn. (afterall, there are only about 250 attendees accepted).

We were surprised to see that the class had many good dancers in it 🤔and a few great dancers. Turns our that the fundamentals class was also the class that instructors-in-training take. In this class we were shown each of the essential movements that make up all of Bachata Sensual, and learned how to transition between them. No crazy patterns, just introducing us to what Bachata Sensual is "made of"

👉👉This was the single-most transformative thing that happened in our dance career! Seeing everything broken down into its elements, and explained so clearly, it was something completely unavailable in the USA at the time!

From this moment our growth in Bachata Sensual EXPLODED since everything became just a combination of these foundations (especially for Jovanny's analytical brain).

SO This is why when we started to teach, we knew what we wanted to do. We wanted to re-create this experience here in Orlando

👉 The Bachata Sensual 6-Week Foundations Program 👈

We are always excited when this series restarts because it was such a special moment in our lives, and we are hoping to bring that to you without a plane ticket to Spain! 😁 We have seen our students grow so much with this method, and we can't wait to help build an even stronger Bachata Sensual community in the USA.

Check out a video we recorded last week with a small handful of some of our students 👇👇👇

Special Shoutout to;

  • Pamela y Carlos Bachata Sensual- our primary instructors in White Track. We do so much of what we do because of them

  • Andreas Bovens and Yenny Otero - the organizers of Sensual week in Cadiz. I could not imagine how much work an event of that scale is, you guys are making it happen for so many people.

  • Korke y Judith - for spreading this around. Like Korke says, this was just some guy and his friends making stuff up in Cadiz, and now we are here!


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