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  • AyJ

Why dance?👇👇👇

Let me share with you the biggest benefits of dancing, especially partner dancing… besides the obvious (physical activity, athleticism, flexibility). 👉SELF AWARENESS Dance allows you to not only build awareness of your body, but also of the mind. It pushes you to fight through the physical challenges and mental blocks, become a stronger and better version of yourself. 👉OPEN MINDEDNESS Dance is a universal language. Connecting with people of all ages, races, cultures through dance is a beautiful way to connect and empathize with others and step outside of the bubble. Traveling to different places to dance and meeting new people is the best way to open your mind. 👉CONNECTION Most people crave physical touch and mental/spiritual connection with others. Dance is a perfect way to satisfy this universal instinct. 👉CONFIDENCE

Dancing with others and in front of others takes a lot of courage and confidence, but being able to push past this will increase your confidence. Dancing allows to connect with your sensuality and inner energy, and has an amazing impact on how you feel. It has positively impacted us outside of the dance circle, like in our career development and personal relationships. 👉FUN! Do I really need to explain this? It’s socializing, exercising, working on personal improvement with a high dopamine release reward. How has dancing impacted your life and journey? And if you are still waiting to take that first class… what are you waiting for?


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