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About Bachata Sensual Orlando Class Levels

We often get asked about the level of our classes. We don’t label our classes by levels. We offer Foundational & Applications products. Foundations are not only for beginners and applications is not only for intermediate dancers.

We believe that learning to dance is not a race, it’s a process. A process which requires discipline, time and practice!

What is the difference between the products?

Foundational classes are focused more on the basic technique and principals of Bachata Sensual, like understanding and practicing essential body movements and leading/following complex shapes with proper technique. This is something that takes years to master, and this is why many of our students repeat the program multiple times.

Applications classes are less focused on learning specific shapes and more so on the transitions, how elements flow into each other and create something complex. These classes are more focused on learning vocabulary and key concepts to apply to your own dance style, but less on the detailed technique of “how”. For best results, we recommend doing both!

Everything is we teach is

📌100% lead & follow

📌Entirely based on foundational principles of Bachata & Bachata Sensual by Korke & Judith

📌Composed of essential elements and concepts, not patterns

📌Designed to teach you the foundations which can apply to all dance 💕

Levels from other dance schools do not apply to our classes because the products are entirely different.


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